Gabe was my stereotypical “type.” He had slicked brown hair, a strong brown beard, light eyes, an average build, and played music.  <Insert drool emoji here.>

I met him through friends, at work. At the time, I was working as an Assistant Account Executive for an advertising agency and he was working as a Junior Graphic Designer.  Actually, now that I think about it, this affair might have been when I worked as a Traffic Coordinator, which is the epitome of an entry-level position.  Yes- that’s right, I was still new. I was fresh. I was a newbie.  I was ready to dive in and get involved in a way that only a recent graduate displays.

And when I say “recent graduate,” I mean, I graduated a few years prior, but it was 2009- aka our most recent depression- and jobs were nil.  So, this job as a coordinator at an ad agency was my God-send. I had finally landed a career!  And it was about damn time.

I started the job in February, and Gabe came into play around July. My friend at the time, Jac, was my stereotypical wingwoman. She desperately wanted Gabe’s friend- Andrew- and was hell bent on a hook-up happening.

So after weeks of flirting with the boys, we decided to crash a concert they were going to: Dale Earnheart Jr. Jr. Which- I have to say- I saw three times that summer and loved every minute of them. Truly great music- I highly recommend. But so anyway, we were at their concert in Detroit. Pre-gamed in the car and “nonchalantly” made our way over to the venue, as though we just “happened to be in the area.” HA!

We got their just late enough, but also early enough, to where we could scope out the place and didn’t have to listen to a bunch of lame intro-bands.  We got ourselves a beer and began to scan the crowd for Gabe and Andrew. It didn’t take long. We saw them at the bar just down a bit getting themselves beers. We closed our tab and sidled our way up to them. “Oh hey! I forgot you were coming to this concert!” “Fancy seeing you here!” “You guys wanna hang out?”  I mean come on, how transparent? But to them and to us, it was just a commonplace encounter. I laugh looking back on it- how young and dumb were we?!

The concert began. We bobbed our heads to the beats that filled our souls with a sense of belonging. But there was a hiccup to this perfectly planned night: they had brought a girl-friend to the concert. And even more than that- she wanted Gabe. They were friends and had been for a while, but the message was clear: she wanted him, badly. After a few songs it became evident that her and I were in competition for Gabe’s attention.  After a few more beers, I decided to make my move. And I must confess, that at the time it was one of my biggest victories, but looking back on this I can’t help but be embarrassed of myself. Why do we make such poor choices as young adults?!

The song played. The girl-friend was dancing with Gabe. I wanted in. I needed in. To stake my claim. So, I made my way over to them to join in on the dance.  I played nice at first. And then I made it known- this man is mine.  I danced up on him like my life depended on it. Hip sways, bootie bumps, hand over his neck, it was all there.  My friend Jac cheered me on in the background, giving me the support and strength I needed to continue this horrific display of affection and aggression. Eventually the girl-friend backed off- with me there she didn’t stand a chance. And I made sure of it.

The concert ended.  “Ohhh what’re you guys doing now? Want to continue the party back at our apartment?” I’m not even positive that either of the guys ever lived there, but it was close enough to the concert that we conceded it was the best place to continue to carry on the “party.”  By this point, Jac and I were in no position to drive. Andrew was sober enough, so he drove us to the apartment. We got beer at a corner store and then made our way into the side entrance, past a bunch of sleeping bodies on couches, and went up the side stair case. Turns out, there was an entirely private apartment up the staircase.

We cracked open the beers, flipped on some music, and began to chat about how awesome the concert was.  It isn’t soon before Andrew whispers something into Jac’s ear, and then all of a sudden they disappear. Poof!  Just like like. Here on minute, gone the next. As an experience magician I couldn’t even have pulled off a better act.

I look at Gabe, unsure of what to do next. He looks at back at me, with his big brown/blue-eyes. He takes me in his arms and places my beer and his on the coffee table. We’re doing an almost-slow dance to the song on the record player when he pulls me closest to him. There is no more air between our bodies- only our lips are left to part or connect as we see fit. He leans in, and and our lips connect like a deep breath of fresh air.

AHHHHH YESSSSSS!  This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. To feel his lips against mine and his hands against my hips pulling me closer to his hips. It is brilliant. It is awe-striking. It is everything I dreamt of as a girl in lust.

The night went along with clothes falling off, but underpants staying on. I so desperately wanted the underpants to come off and to thrust myself into him, but I also didn’t want to come across as a slut. I wanted him to want me- all of me- for more than just one moment.

We awoke on the couch in the wee morning hours on the following Saturday morning.  Entangled body parts, half my body smushed into the couch and a a blanket that was covering us… but really only covering our lower halves and thighs, even though though I was aching for it to cover my freezing toes. In attempt to stave off frostbite I dug my toes into my knee-pits for warmth an dug my eyes into the chest/armpit-like cavity of Gabe to shield myself from the sun. It was all-encompassing… this bright daylight streamed in thru the upstairs windows and reminded me that I was not in my own bed. In fact, I was no where near it. And I needed to be. I needed a half-gallon of blue Gatorade and I needed sleep- in my own bed. For the love of God- get me into my own bed.

I faked a stretch on the couch next to Gabe. ” Awwwwggggggghhhhhh…” But he didn’t stir. Weird, I thought. Okay, on to plan B. I shifted my weight to the right, and then to the left and lunged over his still legs and hopped onto the floor. I was upright, and boy did it feel painful. BATHROOM: This was my objective. I stumbled across the living room floor, down the hallway and aimed toward a door that had tile on the walls. Surely, that was a bathroom- fingers crossed! Just before I entered the bathroom though, I caught a glimpse of Jac and Andrew through an open door on my left- – they were cuddled, and looked so peaceful. SHIT! I though to myself. How am I suppose to wake up Jac to get us home if she looks like a sleeping angel?!

I tried to make a ruckus in the bathroom- hoping the excessive noise would nonchalantly wake her up. I finished my business and opened up the door just a smidge to peer out. No movement from her room. Not even a stir. I closed and open the door a few more times, as if I was having “trouble” and looked out again towards the crack in her door. NOTHING. Not even an arm movement. I was screwed.

I made my way out of the bathroom and back towards Gabe who was “sleeping” on the couch.  “Oh…did you get up?” he said through a mumble of cotton mouth. “Ha yeah- bathroom,” I squirmed out of my mouth. He opened up his arms as if to say, ‘come back and cuddle with me.’  Who was I to say no?!

I was Superman and he was my Kryptonite. #totalmush. I sank into those arms and chest as though I’d never be cuddled again. I couldn’t help it. When would I be cuddled again? Did I know? Did I care? I only lived for this moment, and this moment alone.  Listening to him breathe deep with me settling my head on his chest… it was, as every single girl knows, idyllic.

We finally woke up… was it a Friday morning or a Saturday morning? I don’t remember now. Jac woke me up in the most classic sense- throwing my jeans onto my face, as if to say, “let’s go, you ho.”  But I’d already seen her and her man smooshed together as one in their bedroom when I crept to my bathroom break. She couldn’t fool me. I knew her, just as she knew me.

Our car was already at “their” place so we made a swift exit albeit a “Thanks-so much fun-let’s do it again soon-okay byyyyyyye!” And drove him together, giggling in joy all the way home. It wasn’t until about a few weeks later that Gabe caught up with me again, while at work.

“Hey- you busy tomorrow night?”

“Hey there. As a matter of fact, I have tomorrow night free.”

“Well there’s a concert in <inset typical town here> and I thought we could go together.”

“Yeah. That sounds great. Meet you after work tomorrow then?”

“See you then,” he said, and turned to leave just as casually as he approached.

I rushed over to her desk. “JAC!” I silently screamed, “You’ll never believe who just asked me out!” She turned to me, not even a little bit surprised.

“Let me guess… Santa?” Jac said with a smirk.

“Haha- very funny. No! Gabe! We’re going out to a concert tomorrow after work!”

“That’s great!” Then she frowned. “His friend,” and she gestured over towards his desk, “hasn’t said anything to me in weeks.” She made a hand gesture of full arm desperation and exasperation.

“Oh hun,” I erased the beaming smile from my face, “I’m so sorry! Maybe mention that you know that Gabe is going to the concert and it’d be fun if we all went together?”

“I can’t, she said. “I already overhead him on the phone making plans to go to his sister’s place tomorrow.

We both frowned. And meant it.  How was I suppose to get through the night without a wingwoman?  It had been ages since I’d been on my own- and now that I thought of it further I was beyond nervous.  What if I said something wrong?  Were we expected to go to dinner beforehand?  Was it anticipated that I might spend the night, and if so, was that wrong? Should I make other plans? Questions swarmed my brain like bees fresh out of their hive in the morning.

Stay tuned for more…

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