I was a girl, who turned into a woman, who turned into whatever I am today.  And then I decided to start a blog (finally).

To give you some context, I’ll paint you a picture of who’s telling these stories: I am in my early-30’s, I have long, thick, chestnut brown hair, I’m petite-framed (aka short) and could stand to lose 5-10 pounds to be in better health. My eyes are big and change between shades of blue and green.  My smile is big and infectious, although as of late isn’t used nearly as often as I would like.

The Many Men came about because one day I realized that I have a lot of stories- and a lot of men- in my life. Many of those men though, are no longer in my life. But they’ve left some sort of an impression on me.  Unlike many women my age, I have lost count with how many men I’ve slept with. This is my attempt to recollect all those who have entered my vagina in some way or another.

Let’s ride.

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